Night Guards

Believe it or not, teeth should only touch when we chew. But, based on our personal and professional experience, we see that most of us are either clinchers and/or grinders, (Bruxers) and as such, our teeth are in contact more often than just during chewing. This repetitive, forceful daily and nightly habit causes irreversible wear of enamel and exposure of the softer feeling layer, the dentin, to the oral environment.  Excessive force may also cause gum recession and exposure of sensitive root surfaces. These habits also may result in chipped, flattened teeth, broken fillings and/or crowns as well as TMJ, head and neck and shoulder pain.

When we see telltale signs of clenching and grinding, we recommend a custom fitted Night Guard to prevent further damage. To get you fitted, we take impressions of your upper and lower teeth which are processed in the lab. You will return for a short appointment to get the Night guard delivered and adjusted.